“Bringing Métis Families Together”
Niwȋķȏwin Métis Family Services Society is a non-profit society that was founded in 2003 under the name of Kikino Métis Children Family Services Society, as a need was recognized that Métis children and families living in the Prince George region did not have direct access to culturally specific advocacy and support services, exclusive to their Métis heritage. We provide broad-based community prevention and education programs that are geared towards everyone in the community, as we recognize that all families need support in raising their children. Our programs are designed to nourish the dignity and integrity of the family, to build community spirit and to affirm our Métis cultural identity.

“My people will sleep for hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.”

-Louis Riel

Our Mission
The Niwȋķȏwin Métis Family Services Society (NMFSS) provides holistic services that promote the physical, mental, cultural, emotional and spiritual well-being of Métis children and families in the Prince George area.
Our Vision

Children and families working with Niwȋķȏwin  Métis Family Services Society will have increased health and well-being through:

  • Cultural awareness and connection;
  • Recognition of the importance of a healthy family environment; and
  • Relationships among Métis Elders and our youth, our families, and our community.
Our Values

Keeping children together with families or in their own community wherever possible.

Children’s Rights
Upholding the rights of our children to live up to their greatest potential.

Preserving and promoting Métis heritage and language.

Using due process, justice, and fairness in the management of the Society and in delivery of services and programs.

Ensuring efficient, effective, transparent and prudent use of all Society resources.

Holistic Wellness
Integrating an holistic and culturally appropriate approach to serving the educational, emotional, physical, and cultural needs of children and families in our care.

Trust, Respect
Ensuring everyone’s voices are heard; creating emotional safety, partnerships, and healthy families for child attachment.

“We Are Métis”

A video focusing on Métis culture and heritage; created by the Niwîķôwin Métis Family Services Society located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.